Sunday, April 3, 2011


It's finally springtime here in the Heartland. Finally. We are still having several quite chilly days here and there, but it looks like spring has finally made it's arrival.

This afternoon, we will start our seeds for our seedlings for our new garden. We are doing seedlings indoors for several reason - one, the weather here is still quite unpredictable and there is a good chance we will have at least one more hard freeze before growing season really hits and I don't want to lose plants. Two, I will do a much better job at remembering to water the plants if they are right in my face each day! And three, we still haven't actually determined WHERE we are going to put said garden. I'm hoping to get my dad and stepmom over sometime this week for their advice - they have much greener thumbs, and considerably more experience, than we do in regards to this and while I know where I would like to put the garden, I don't know that it's actually the best location for it. And then we have to rent a tiller and till up the land, frame it, put in our soil, put up some chicken wire to keep the dog out, and so on... but it will be well worth it in the end, or so I hope.

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