Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!"

Well, not literally - in fact, literally, right now, it is pouring full on with lightning and thunder and all sorts of (not so) fun stuff going on outside our house. But, here inside, the monsoon looks to be coming to an end!

Daddy Mac FINALLY got a new job, and starts in two days! I did NOT get offered the job I interviewed for, and I am at peace with that. It just feels RIGHT somehow. We can finally see that light shining for us at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Now we can get caught back up on things that have fallen behind due to our strained finances and have a fresh start. Thank you, God, for answering our many, many prayers about this situation.

I am toiling away at my crafts for this show at the end of this month. I don't think my stepmother knows what she's getting herself into as far as what I have to sell! It is a MULTITUDE of things - super cute dresses, diapers, pants, legwarmers - you name it, I'm making it. I'm hoping things will take off well at this show and I will be able to continue to make things for sale - I'm working on a good store name to get an Etsy or Hyena Cart shop up and running - I think I'm almost there. Thank goodness I have a graphic designer for a stepmother, so I can get ALL the cool stuff ;). I'm pretty excited about all of this - I only hope that things turn out well.

Miss Sunshine finally sprouted a second tooth - and immediately followed that up with an ear infection, and immediately followed THAT up with a high fever. No lie - three days after finishing off her antibiotics for the ear infection - she spike a temp of 103 today. SIGH. We have a doctor's appointment at ten tomorrow morning. Did I mention that we still have no insurance, as I have had no response to my appeal yet? I have a sneaking suspicion we are talking Roseola AGAIN with her - a sudden high fever today, but give her some acetaminophen and she is her usual cheerful self - so she's not FEELING bad other than the fever. I'm willing to bet she wakes up with no fever and a rash in the morning - if so, I'm canceling that doctors appointment!

Well, I should probably get back to work on stuff - only a week and a half to the craft show! YIKES!

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