Thursday, October 13, 2011


I knew going back to school would be hard work.

I vastly underestimated how exhausting it would be.

I do know that it is worth it.  This is going to mean great things in the future for our family.  But days like today, it's hard to keep that in sight.

Miss Sunshine is napping right now.  I should probably have taken advantage of that fact and done some napping myself.  Instead, I decided to go through Monster Boy's drawers and start the transition from summer to fall.  BIG mistake.  Why is it that small boys are so hard on furniture?  I've spent the last twenty minutes fixing his dresser after discovering broken tracks on two of his drawers.

I have the decorating bug, and no time to decorate!  I want to move Monster Boy's room around again.  I want to move Miss Sunshine's room around again.  Things just never seem to really "fit" the way I want them to after I move their furniture.  I want to repaint the kids bathroom - it's a sage green and lately it just feels dingy to me.  I'm thinking a warm, buttery yellow will brighten it up in there nicely.  Of course, finding time and money to paint... well.  It's a thought at least.  I want to replace the flooring in Miss Sunshine's room.  The whole house, really, but at this point that is not feasible.  Miss Sunshine's room is a priority though.  Her carpet is sorely in need of replacing.  And it's a small room.  We want to do hardwoods - but know we can't afford it, so we will settle for laminate.  So, I'm thinking we will start with her room, and just do one area at a time until we get it all done.  Her room first, then Monster Boy's.  Then the hallway, then our room.  The living/dining/kitchen will have to be done last because it will have to be done all at once.  And perhaps even the hall will have to wait until then.  But for now, Miss Sunshine's room is the priority.  Hopefully we'll be able to pick some stuff up by the end of this month.  That is our goal.

Things are tight right now though, so it just may have to wait, much as we don't want it to.  Right now, we have to concentrate on our needs, not our wants.  We are trying.

And all of that, plus time with the kids, time for work, time for school, time for cleaning and studying and laundry and... well, you get the idea.  Add all of it up, and you get one very tired Mommy.   And it's only going to get crazier from here.

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