Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summertime fun

It is officially summer time here in our household.

We have spent the last few weeks adjusting to our new schedules, with Monster Boy being out of school, my work schedule changing again, baseball season starting up, and all the other fun activities we want to get in as well.

Monster Boy started baseball a few weeks ago.  So far, it is going marginally better than soccer, although I fear he has inherited my athletic ability - which is nil.  However, he has heart and a lot of it, and he certainly gives it his all.  At this age, that is all you can ask for, and as long as he enjoys playing whatever sport, I am supportive of that.  Just as I would be if he came to us and said he wanted to take ballet lessons.  To me, it isn't about him being the best at anything - I just want him to enjoy what he does.  If he happens to be good at something, well, so much the better.

Tonight was his second game.  I felt like he did fairly well at it.  He had a couple of actual hits (they don't keep score yet, and each child is thrown five pitches and if they haven't successfully hit the ball fair by the sixth pitch they hit off of a tee), got tagged out once at first (concentrating too hard on where the ball was and not where he was running to), tried to slide head first in to second - I don't think he realized sliding would HURT and he missed the base by about ten feet - but he did get up and manage to make it to second base before he collapsed in tears and I had to run out to the field, carrying Miss Sunshine, to get him.  After a quick once over, some walking around to stretch out his knee, which he said hurt, and some baby wipes to clean up his elbow and the palms of his hands, he was back in the game, and even managed to do some good fielding and score a run his next turn at bat.  He really seems to like this, I hope it continues.

Miss Sunshine is FINALLY getting her eyeteeth in.  Yes, she is nearly 29 months and still does not have all her teeth.  Since she didn't start teething until 15 months, I have not been letting myself worry too much over it - but it has been about six months since the last tooth she got, so I was beginning to wonder a bit.  But the right bottom tooth popped through the gums this weekend, and the left lower one is almost there.  The top still aren't nearly as close, but her gums are swelling so I can tell they are working their way in.  Unfortunately, this means I have a two year old with the attitude of a teething one year old right now.  It also means Miss Sunshine and Mommy both are not getting much sleep at all as she is waking up several times per night.  I'm not a big fan of dosing her up with Tylenol or Motrin unless it's really necessary, and she's not running fevers with these teeth.  She won't let me use Orajel on her at all - she screams bloody murder and then cries "It's too spicy, Mommy, too spicy" when I put it in her mouth.  I'm about at the point of giving her the medicine just so I can get a full night of sleep.

We also will finally meet our new speech therapist tomorrow!  We have been playing phone tag for literally weeks now - we did have an appointment scheduled for the middle of May, but then Miss Sunshine got sick and ever since then we have been just missing each other working on getting a new appointment scheduled.  We finally managed to connect last Friday and now have an appointment scheduled for her tomorrow morning.

Speaking of that appointment tomorrow morning, I'd better go finish cleaning up the kitchen and living room - Monster Boy and I did a lot of work in there today, but I still need to vacuum and mop, and I'd like to get to bed at a decent hour tonight!

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