Thursday, October 28, 2010


Monster Boy has today and tomorrow out of school for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Our very first! I'm trying to make a list of pertinent questions to have written down to ask so we can get the most out of our pretty short period of time with his teachers. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to fire them my way!

Tomorrow, Monster Boy is going to have a play date with his best little friend from pre-school. His friend's mommy called me last week and said that her son has been literally crying about seeing Monster Boy, and Monster Boy has been BEGGING since school started to see his friend as well. Lucky for us, our parent/teacher conferences for our schools (the boys go to different schools this year) fell on the same days! So play date, here we come! Monster Boy is practically beside himself.

Before we head out on our play date, though, I think we are going to hit up his school Book Fair! I haven't been to a Book Fair since I myself was in grade school, but I know I always loved it. I have always had a major love affair with books of all kinds (I read "Gone With the Wind" in two days my freshman year of high school... Yeah, I'm a nerd like that.) and Monster Boy LOVES books as well. Actually, both of my kids are big readers, which I really think is SO very important. We have TWO bookshelves bursting at the seams with just children's books. I even went through and cleared out a box full of books we don't read/never have read from Monster Boy's bookshelf a few weeks ago to donate to the kid center I work at - and still our bookshelves are overflowing! I'm going to have to figure out a new organizational option soon - especially now that Monster Boy is reading on his own (he read his bedtime story to Daddy Mac and I last night and did SO well - he even sounded out the words he didn't know without any assistance!) and is ready to upgrade to early readers and such, I know we are going to have lots more books to come. Pretty soon we'll be graduating to chapter books for our bedtime stories!

Miss Sunshine has been doing great lately as well. She is eating much better (although we are still on our "picky eater" phase, she's at least added a few more foods to her acceptable list) and is growing quickly. She jabbers CONSTANTLY and is becoming more and more understandable to people outside our family circle. We definitely still have things to work on as far as clarity in her speech - but we are getting there. She's miles ahead of where she was two months ago, and I feel she is well on track where she should be for this age. We have another visit with the Speech Therapist on Tuesday and we will see what the therapist says as far as how she is doing. Then the following week, we head back to Shriner's again, for a post-op check on her ear tubes. Make sure they are still in, placed properly and functioning, and do another hearing test on her to see how she is doing there. She and I will have a full day with NOTHING to do in Chicago, so we are hoping to be able to meet up with a friend from an online parenting group I belong to and maybe check out some sights! I am excited and cannot wait.

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