Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Litle Miss Sunshine!

My baby girl turned ONE yesterday. I don't know how that happened! Where in the world did the time go? I didn't cry, amazingly enough, although I thought I would. We aren't having her actual party until next week, so maybe it's in reserve right now.

I am happy to report that Miss Sunshine has been doing WONDERFULLY post-surgery. She is taking a sippy cup now. I cannot describe to you the unbelievable feeling of hearing her sucking on a cup. Only a Mommy who has been there can really understand, but it's akin to watching them take their first steps, or say their first words.

Speaking of speaking, haha, the speech therapist paid us a visit last week. She said that Miss Sunshine really isn't too far behind in speech (Yay!) so our goals will be to work on getting her to say the consonants that she currently doesn't, and keeping her on track. Our six month plan that we wrote up was to have her at age appropriate speech (approximately ten words at 18 months) and saying Mama and Dada in reference to Daddy Mac and I. She will come roughly every third week to work with Miss Sunshine, more if we feel it necessary but she does not think it will be necessary.

Miss Sunshine is walking, walking, walking around everywhere. She is also now signing for "more". Which she signs for in reference to everything, not just food. If she has a toy that she isn't supposed to and you take it away, she will follow behind you signing "more" to get it back! It's so very cute. The problem now being that the WORD "more" is one of the words the speech therapist recommended we work on because she already makes most of the sounds needed for the word, and she flat out won't say it, if you say it to her, she just signs it back! We'll have to figure out a way around that.

Her appetite has continued to stay about triple of what it was before. She has gained roughly half a pound since surgery, which is great considering how slowly she has gained weight prior to surgery. I hope she continues to do so well.

Monster Boy has a field trip to the art museum tomorrow, so Daddy Mac gets to take Little Miss Sunshine to her doctor's appointment. I certainly hope it goes well. I've made a list of questions that I know he would never think to ask the doctor. And I know Monster Boy is going to have a ton of fun at the art museum. He asked me to go with him and I agreed before I realized she had a doctors appointment. It will be the first time either child has had a doctors appointment I haven't gone to, but I am sure things will be just fine. Let Daddy get his feet wet, right?

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