Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catch up

So, life has been crazy here. School is a lot of pressure this semester - but I am loving it (not the pressure, but everything I am learning). Monster Boy has been doing really well at school lately. Miss Sunshine is as spoiled as ever, and just graduated to a "real" bed. Daddy Mac is as busy as ever with work and school board meetings and Boy Scouts and life in general.

Both the kids want to play baseball this summer. This will be Monster Boy's third year, and Miss Sunshine's first. I was surprised she wanted to play, since she is the epitome of a girlie girl, but she was insistent that she wanted to do it. So we signed her up. This should be interesting.

Here are some recent pictures of the kids from a trip to the zoo over Spring Break, Easter, and one of our many crazy snowstorms this year!

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