Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A mommy day

No, not a spa day or day off.  A Mommy day.  You know, one of those days where you realize your babies aren't really babies anymore?  Yeah, one of those days.

I spent the weekend reorganizing Miss Sunshine's bedroom.  In the process of doing that, I hauled out my storage tubs (one for each kid) of baby clothes in order to put a few of the items of Miss Sunshine's that I wanted to keep that were still in her room in them.  So, I decided to go through the tubs and see if there was anything I would be willing to part with.  I do this about once a year, trying to cut down on what I am saving.  Monster Boy's clothes have been pretty well cleared out - I don't keep much of his anymore, unless it has special meaning, like his soccer shirt (when he eventually outgrows it) or his school t-shirts.  I still keep quite a bit of Miss Sunshine's stuff, because it's so hard to part with things when they are little.  But I limit myself to one tub for each child so I don't keep too much.  The idea is that I have boy and girl items if we decide to have another baby.  And, once we decide we are truly done, I will keep only the most sentimental items, because I am going to make a memory blanket for each of the kids for their high school (or perhaps college, I may want to put some of their college shirts in there, who knows) graduations.

Anyway, back ot the topic at hand.  I was going through sleepers and onesies, and it hit me just how big my kids are now.  Monster Boy turned SEVEN in December, and Miss Sunshine will be THREE next week.  How did that happen?  Where did the time go?  It just doesn't seem possible!  I have baby fever in the worst way, and also have the knowledge that NOW would not be a good time to have another baby.  Which makes me a little bit sad.  But I know that it would be better to wait, until I am done with school, and we are in a better financial position, to have another child.  It puts a bit more space between kids than I really wanted to have, but it's what is best in the long run for our family.  So, we wait, and we see if time is ever really right to have another baby.  I pray that it is, as I know Daddy Mac does, because we both really feel our family is not complete.  But we will accept that this is our family and not love anyone any less even if we don't have another child.

It's amazing how reflective a tub of baby clothes can make you...

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